The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Weston Florida

Moving to Weston, FL? Here’s everything you need to know about the culturally diverse and economically stable community.

A suburban city on the outskirts of Miami, Weston is a great place to raise a family, invest in property, or a temporary place to live while you’re making your way through college. Weston has low unemployment rates and an average commute time of 30 minutes. Excellent public schools with lower than average teacher to student ratios provide local children with the education they need to survive in the academic world. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Weston.

City Center

Large, established homes dominate the City Center area. Almost all of the homes here are owner-occupied, which gives a good prediction that the area is well-cared for and will show minimal signs of changing in the future.

South Post Road / Emerald Park Circle

Average home prices here fall around $750,000 and is composed of large, beautiful homes. It is a highly diverse neighborhood, and Spanish is spoken by 46% of households.


Medium to large home sizes can be found in Andytown, with the median home price being $641,000. Homes here are much newer than surrounding neighborhoods and almost all of them were built after the year 2000.

Sorrento Drive / Talavera Road

Average home prices in this area run around $600,000 and most were built after 1970. The safety and family-friendly atmosphere make it a great choice for those with young children.

Saddle Club Road / Bonaventure Boulevard

This urban neighborhood with medium to large homes and apartments has easy access to some of the hottest areas in Weston. It has a mixture of old and new construction, giving it a modern yet timeless vibe.

Saddle Club Road / Arvida Parkway

One of the best areas in Weston for college students, it has a high safety rating and getting around without a car isn’t too difficult. Many college students come here for the safety and ease of getting around.

Indian Trace / Saddle Club Road

Whether you want a good home to set up your office in, or are accustomed to executive living, this neighborhood has it all. Homes were built after 1970 and the average price is $550,000.

West Route 84 / West Mall Road

A more affordable neighborhood, homes here average around $240,000 and are mostly small to medium homes and apartment buildings. Low costs are very attractive to college students, and many of them choose to reside in this neighborhood.

Bonaventure Boulevard / Golf Club Road

Small to medium-sized homes and apartments are found around this area, and it’s another popular choice for college students. The average home price is $237,000, which makes it appealing to people who don’t want a large mortgage.

With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that many people choose Weston to call home. Whether you want your children in a good school, or simply enjoy the safety and beauty that the city of Weston has to offer, it’s hard to go wrong in a city with neighborhoods like these.