The Selling Process

Homes in Weston, FL has everything you need to sell your home. 

Need professional photography? Walk Through Video? Yard signs? 360 image/video? Drone video? We can provide all of that and more.

Virtual Tours

Show potential buyers how beautiful your home is before they see it in person. We use an advanced Matterport camera to create an in-depth real virtual tour for each home. This give viewers a sense of what it would be like to live in the home.

Do you want to see an example, click here to see a real Virtual Tour sample

Full Home Photography

For each home we list, one of the first steps we take is snapping high resolution photos of all areas. Professional camera is been use to capture the perfect light on each room. The listing will sell faster and look more professional with these true to life photos. We all know, more often than not, potential buyers look online for a glimpse of what they are looking for. Give the people what they want with these amazing shots!

360 Videos

Along with the virtual tours, video is taken of the homes to show potential buyers all the nooks and crannies of the  household. This allows for buyers to plan and arrange belongings in their mind, making their dream home one step closer to reality.

Drone Photos

There are few things that showcase a home quite the same way as done photos and videos do. Get an aerial view of the home being listed and make it stand out compared to the common photos of the face view of the home. This also gives buyers an idea of what the neighborhood and surrounding areas look like.

Signs, Key Boxes and Flyers

It can be hard to dig the hole required for your sign. Let us handle the installation and removal of your For Sale sign! 

What about the key box that goes on the front door? We handle those too. We install, transfer and remove lock boxes at each listing to make everyone’s life easier!

Did you think about the marketing? We have! We create and distribute flyers for each listing to help speed up the selling process.

Top Customer Service

We know how important it is to make clients feel comfortable and listened to. This is why Homes In Weston, FL goes above and beyond with each and every person that comes in contact with us. 

We are both honored and proud to have the amazing testimonials and reviews from clients. Check out what they have to say HERE.

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