3 Tips For Listing Your Home

Once you have made the decision of listing your home, the rest of the process is actually pretty easy. The hardest step is deciding it is time to list your property. More often than not, sellers go back and forth on whether or not to sell. You are basically half way there once you have decided!

Contact Your Real Estate Agent

First things first, call your real estate agent. You want to avoid making and home selling mistakes before you get started. Your agent can get you started in a way that puts you on the right direction.

If you don’t have a real estate agent, it is not difficult to find one. One way to do so is to try and get into contact with the agent that sold you the home. Most agents stay in touch with their clients after the home is bought. They actually do that for the purpose of you remembering them when it comes time to sell. Many real estate agents want you to be their clients for life. Of course, it is not always as simple as pulling their number from your contact list. You might:

  • Be unable to find your agent after many years of being in your home
  • Not recall who your real estate agent was
  • Dislike your previous real estate agent.

Whatever the case may be, make sure to be open and honest about your preferences upfront when it comes to choosing a new agent. If you would like to be updated every so often, let them know; and let them know how you prefer to communicate. There is nothing wrong with getting your point across to your new agent. Make it easier for them to understand exactly what you are looking for during this process.

Walk Through The Home With Your Agent

Now that you have your real estate agent selected, it is a good idea to have them walk  through your home with you. Together, you need to decide what repairs need to be made and how to stage your home for a future walk through. As you may have heard before, less is more. Some sellers rent a storage unit to keep extra belongings in. Many of these decisions would be difficult to make without the professional help of your agent; after all, this is their job!

During your walk through with your agent, you should decide what needs to be repaired. Some buyers may pay a lot less for a home that has multiple repairs, or even decided against buying the home all together!

Choose A Sale Price For Your Home

The last step before listing your home is coming up with a selling price. This should never be done before the first two steps because you want to involve your agent in this decision and the price will take into consideration the condition of your home after the repairs you have made. At this point, you may discover that your home is not worth what you were expecting it to be and end up not listing. If this is the case, lower your expectations or decide to revisit listing your home in the future.

An important thing to realize about pricing your home for sale is to keep the numbers in line with a potential appraisal. Appraisals are based on comparable sales that have been made within the last three months, not any time period before that. You are not able to draw a number out of thin air and say that is what you want or what you need in order to sell. That is not how it works.  It is up you and your agent to find a number that is comparable to similar sales in your area in recent months.

Listing Your Home

Now that you have taken the steps necessary to list and sell your home, it is time to start the next chapter of your life. Leave the worrying to the realtor and prepare for your new home. Contact Homes In Weston, FL with any questions on how to list, sell or buy your home.

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